The WITHINGS Body Smart Scale (WBS13-Black-All-Inter) is a sophisticated health monitoring device designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their body composition, including weight, body fat percentage, and other vital health metrics.

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Product Summary

Withings Body Smart scale key features:

  • Withings invented the original smart scale. These advanced digital weighing scales track a variety of metrics are known to be accurate and are a great addition to any smart home.
  • Privacy - Withings upholds the highest standards of privacy, including GDPR compliance and additional security measures to protect all of your health data.
  • Tracks 8 precise metrics over time, including water % and muscle mass, plus new insights like Visceral Fat for a more complete picture of your health.
  • We improve your experience over time via app and device updates including new features, ensuring product satisfaction and long-lasting health benefits
  • Automatically recognizes up to 8 users, plus dedicated modes for babies, pregnancy, athletes, and those who want to track weight without seeing a number at weigh-ins
  • The Withings Scale Experience - Enjoy a high-res color screen, 15-month battery life, and seamless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data sync to our app, which is also compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.

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What Reviewers Like

  • Accuracy and Precision: Users have reported that the scale provides accurate and consistent measurements, which are crucial for tracking progress over time.
  • Ease of Use: The setup process is straightforward, with the app guiding users through the steps, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Comprehensive Health Insights: Beyond basic weight measurement, the scale offers a detailed view of body composition and cardiovascular health, providing a more complete picture of one's health.
  • Multi-User Friendly: It can automatically recognize and track data for up to 8 different users, making it suitable for family use.
  • Integration with Health Apps: The scale connects easily with popular health and fitness apps, including Apple Health, allowing users to consolidate their health data in one place.

Things to Consider

  • Inconsistent Measurements: Some users have reported inconsistencies in weight and body composition readings, which could be frustrating for those closely monitoring their health.
  • Subscription Fee for Full App Access: After a free trial period, a subscription fee is required to access all features of the Withings app, which may not be appealing to all users.
  • No Rechargeable Battery: The scale uses AAA batteries, which need to be replaced periodically, rather than offering a rechargeable option.

Information source: product reviews

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