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The Oura Ring is a sophisticated, smart ring favored for its accurate sleep and health tracking, including heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels. It offers personalized health insights and a comfortable, discreet design.

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Manufacturer Product Summary

The Oura Ring Generation 3 is a highly advanced, compact wearable device designed to track various health metrics and provide actionable insights. It works by utilizing a combination of sophisticated sensors and algorithms to monitor and analyze your health data. Here's a detailed look at its features and functionalities:

Hardware Enhancements: 

  • Models: Available in Heritage and Horizon models.
  • Sensor Alignment: Optimized when aligned with the palm-side of the finger for accurate readings.
  • LEDs and Sensors: Incorporates green and red LEDs, along with infrared LEDs, for comprehensive health tracking.
  • Temperature Sensors: Equipped with extra negative temperature coefficient sensors to measure skin temperature variations.
  • Infrared Sensor: Includes an additional IR sensor to improve accuracy even when the ring is not optimally aligned.
  • Accelerometers: Detects daily activity, steps, and common workout types.
  • Charger: Features color-coded LEDs for improved charging status indications.

Software Features: 

  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Tracks nighttime and daytime heart rates, including live and workout heart rates.
  • Health Metrics: Measures resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, and respiratory rate.
  • Blood Oxygen Sensing: Uses a new red LED sensor to measure blood oxygen levels (SpO2) during sleep.
  • Sleep Staging Algorithm: Offers an improved algorithm for more accurate sleep measurement.
  • Cycle Insights: Provides reproductive health features including period prediction based on body temperature fluctuations.
  • Wellness Content: Access to a library of wellness content, including guided sessions in meditation, sleep, and breathwork.

General Functionality:

  • Period Prediction: Utilizes temperature data for menstrual cycle visualization and accurate period prediction.
  • Illness Detection: Identifies potential illness onset by analyzing temperature data.
  • Activity and Workout Tracking: Monitors various physical activities and provides post-activity insights.


  • Subscription-Based: Requires a monthly subscription for full feature access.
  • Insights and Analysis: Offers daily scores, insights, and additional features through the Oura Membership.

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What Reviewers Like

  • Reported Accuracy: Oura has been found by users and experts to offer high accuracy in sleep stage detection and sleep score calculation, offering valuable insights into your sleep quality.
  • Comfortable and Discreet: Unlike wrist wearables, the ring is barely noticeable and won't disturb your sleep.
  • Personalized Advice: Oura provides tailored recommendations to improve sleep, activity, and overall well-being.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 7 days on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent charging.
  • Holistic Health Insights: Tracks not just sleep but also activity, recovery, and readiness, providing a broader picture of health.

Things to Consider

  • Subscription Required: Advanced features and personalized insights require a monthly subscription fee.
  • Price: The initial cost of the ring itself is high compared to other wearables.
  • Activity Tracking Limitations: May not be ideal for hand-centric workouts due to potential discomfort.
  • Data Gaps: Taking off the ring can result in missing data points.

Information source: product review sites and consumer reviews

Research resized

Relevant Research - Wearable Sleep Trackers

Wearable sleep trackers have been studied for their effectiveness in monitoring sleep quality. A study in The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine showed that they can positively impact perceived sleep quality and accurately measure sleep variables in healthy individuals. They are increasingly used in both clinical and non-clinical settings, with devices like Oura ring and Fitbit showing results comparable to formal polysomnography in healthy adults (Chronobiology Int., Behavioral Sleep Med.). However, a systematic review in Current Sleep Medicine Reports indicates that their efficacy in complex sleep issues is not fully established, and their accuracy is lower in individuals with chronic conditions (Sleep Medicine Reviews). This suggests their utility is promising for general sleep quality improvement in healthy users, but their broader clinical application requires further research.

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